Keenevention 2014's New Movers Panel

Keenevention 2014’s New Movers Panel

At Keenevention‘s first-ever New Movers Panel, you’ll get a fresh perspective on NH activism from a panel of people who’ve moved within the last year, hosted by the Outlaw Josie Wales.   Panelists to include independent candidate for Cheshire Sheriff Chris Rietmann, superactivist Joël Valenzuela, Shire Dude Andrew Vermiglio, and Keene Cop Block‘s Stephen Daves.

Don’t miss Keenevention 2014 this October 31st through November 2nd – tickets are available now for $60 USD or BTC. Pre-event ticketing is limited to just 100, so don’t wait until the day-of to buy!

More panel speaker announcements are to come! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, and the facebook event for the latest.