Don't ask who's in charge.  It's you.

Don’t ask who’s in charge. It’s you.

As you probably know, Keenevention was retired, after a great three years of events, back in 2016. Activism since then in Keene has shifted to being heavily cryptocurrency related – if you’ve been following the Free Keene blog, you’ve been staying in the loop with the very exciting developments here. For those still wanting a great excuse to visit New Hampshire, there’s great news! Many Keene-area activists and others from across New Hampshire will be attending the now-in-its-second-year decentralized camping festival, Forkfest. It’s happening June 14th through 18th at Roger’s Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of Northern NH.

Rave at Forkfest 2017

Rave at Forkfest 2017 (we called it Somaliafest or Shirefest then)

Forkfest didn’t get much coverage last year, but this year the NH-based live shows on LRN.FM have been promoting it regularly and it looks like attendance will be up from last year’s couple dozen people.

Of course, we won’t how many people are going until the event happens, because it’s decentralized – that means no one is in charge. There are no organizers. There are no tickets. There’s no official schedule of events. Each attendee decides what to do. You could just hang out and camp with other libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists or put on some kind of event for the other attendees. Perhaps a musical performance, speech, exhibit, sports event, or whatever. Already, attendees are self-organizing on the unofficial forums and chatrooms, which you’ll find linked from the unofficial website at

See you there!