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    Keenevention 2015 Day Three Recap

A Taste of Keenevention at the Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference 2018

This year was the 2nd year for the Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference. Like Keenevention was, FSBDAC is also an intimate convention. This year, I was given the opportunity to moderate an epic panel full of Keenevention alumni – Chris Rietmann, Darryl W Perry, and Derrick J Freeman. We discussed why New Hampshire is the Cryptocurrency Mecca.

Every Bitcoin conference in the world can have the usual industry experts speaking, but only FSBDAC could have this panel. Cause, New Hampshire! Here’s the full video:

Are you going to Forkfest 2018? It’s the decentralized liberty camping festival in New Hampshire!

Don't ask who's in charge.  It's you.

Don’t ask who’s in charge. It’s you.

As you probably know, Keenevention was retired, after a great three years of events, back in 2016. Activism since then in Keene has shifted to being heavily cryptocurrency related – if you’ve been following the Free Keene blog, you’ve been staying in the loop with the very exciting developments here. For those still wanting a great excuse to visit New Hampshire, there’s great news! Many Keene-area activists and others from across New Hampshire will be attending the now-in-its-second-year decentralized camping festival, Forkfest. It’s happening June 14th through 18th at Roger’s Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of Northern NH.

Rave at Forkfest 2017

Rave at Forkfest 2017 (we called it Somaliafest or Shirefest then)

Forkfest didn’t get much coverage last year, but this year the NH-based live shows on LRN.FM have been promoting it regularly and it looks like attendance will be up from last year’s couple dozen people.

Of course, we won’t how many people are going until the event happens, because it’s decentralized – that means no one is in charge. There are no organizers. There are no tickets. There’s no official schedule of events. Each attendee decides what to do. You could just hang out and camp with other libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists or put on some kind of event for the other attendees. Perhaps a musical performance, speech, exhibit, sports event, or whatever. Already, attendees are self-organizing on the unofficial forums and chatrooms, which you’ll find linked from the unofficial website at Forkfest.party.

See you there!

Keenevention 2015 Media Roundup

2015’s Keenevention included a new attraction – two of Keene’s liberty-oriented talk shows produced their programs live from the event hall! In case you missed them, here are Darryl W Perry’s “Peace, Love, Liberty Radio” and Conan Salada’s “Black Sheep Rising“. (It turned out this was the final episode of BSR.)

Also, don’t miss the Rebel Love Show’s Keenevention recap episode.

Black Sheep Rising:

Peace, Love, Liberty Radio:

Rebel Love Show: (more…)

Canceling Keenevention 2016

Ladies Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Sadly, Keenevention 2016 is not going to happen.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. As you may already be aware, Sunday morning the FBI, along with state police and Keene police raided my home, the LRN.FM studio here in downtown Keene. While I don’t believe that anyone in my home did what they are saying was done, I would not put it past the FBI to manufacture the evidence that they or I did. Look no further than the rampant corruption in the Ross Ulbricht Silk Road case or the FBI’s previous attack on Free Keene blogger Rich Paul for proof of their desperation to destroy peaceful activists.

Anyone who has ever been under active threat by the tyrannical system knows the burden it creates. Even though no charges have been leveled at anyone thus far, the FBI stole thousands of dollars in computers that were critical to the ongoing 24/7 radio network I program, LRN.FM. Now the waiting begins as they use forensic tools to comb through dozens of electronic devices including computers, SD cards, flash drives, and phones. Will they come back with false child porn charges or something else entirely? It took them most of a year to finally come back and arrest the owners of Phat Stuff head shop on Main Street after stealing their store’s inventory, their truck, and cleaning out their bank account.

All that time you wonder what is going to happen next? What else are these aggressive men and women calling themselves “the state” going to do to you and your family? Meanwhile, everything you might have wanted to do or create turns into a question mark. Why start a new project or business when the government gang might just swoop in after you’ve just gotten started and throw you into a cage?

That’s where I am with Keenevention 2016. I really have enjoyed creating these intimate conventions three years in a row, but they cost thousands to put on and that money could be used instead to rebuild my more important mission of broadcasting the ideas of liberty and peace seven-days-a-week.

In short, due to the hanging threat by the criminal gang known as “the state”, I feel it’s irresponsible to push forward with this year’s event. If you have purchased a ticket, I’ll be contacting you for a refund. Perhaps Keenevention will return in the future, but for now this website and its dozens of videos will stand as a living record of the amazing speakers and panel discussions we’ve had over the years.

If you were an attendee, I’m grateful. Thank you for being a part of the fun.

Hundreds of Photos Posted from Keenevention 2015 & Social Events

Secession Panel 2015Now that all the videos from Keenevention 2015 have been posted, it’s pic-posting time!

Drop over to the Keenevention photos page to access hundreds of photos from Keenevention 2015, divided up into several albums.

Stay tuned here to the Keenevention blog for the official announcement for the 2016 event coming soon! (You can sign up for emails when the blog has new posts using the signup box in the right column.) You can also follow the new Keenevention Twitter and Keenevention’s facebook page.