Bitcoin Panel 2015

The Bitcoin Panel for 2015

After being featured on, Keenevention has now received more pre-event press, this time from the Concord Monitor’s “Granite Geek” blog. Blogger David Brooks says the panel will include high-level geekery as well as real-world bitcoin discussion – he also focuses on the inclusion of Gavin Andresen, arguably the top Bitcoin programmer. Come on out and join us and meet this brilliant panel. Check out the Granite Geek article here.

Keenevention 2015 kicks off this Friday 10/30 and goes through November 1st. Tickets are available at the door for $75 for the entire weekend or $30 a day, unless you get there before 9am – then the pre-event prices apply of $60 for the weekend and $25 for the day.

Stay tuned here to the Keenevention blog for more announcements (you can sign up for emails when the blog has new posts using the signup box in the right column). You can also follow the new Keenevention Twitter, Keenevention’s facebook page and join the official facebook event here.