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More panel and speaker announcements are coming soon and now that Porcfest is well behind us, the Keenevention ticket price for full-access to the event is now only $60. Yes, that’s up slightly from last year, as the event space’s price has gone up.

As always, Keenevention is keeping prices low, compared to other conventions. I want the event to be affordable, with no sticker-shock. Keenevention features only NH-based activists as speakers, allowing the event to focus on the doers who are on-the-ground and the wide community of liberty activists here in the Shire. Plus, no fancy speakers means Keenevention bears no exorbitant speaking costs, that we’d have to pass-on.

I’m excited for what is coming together this year and hope you will join us for Keenvention 2014. Please remember that pre-event tickets are limited to 100, so order now for just $60 in USD or BTC.  Or, grab a VIP ticket for $115!