bitcoin_squareIt was my expectation that conventions in their first year very rarely bring in more money than they cost. The purpose of Keenevention is not to make money, but to give people a reason to come visit New Hampshire in the fall and while here, meet key in-state activists, discuss various types of activism, and experience the Keene area and the activism here. I really didn’t care if it covered its costs.

After running the numbers, it turns out had we only accepted cash and credit cards for our tickets, the event would have been in-the-red by a few hundred USD. However, because we accepted bitcoins, the event brought in more than it cost! We only had five bitcoin ticket sales, but four of the five were earlier in 2013, before the insane price spike toward the end of 2013.

We’re just over half a year away from Keenevention 2014, and who knows what the price of bitcoin will do by then. The price is down a bit at the moment, so grab your ticket(s) to Keenevention 2014 now!