First Keynote Speaker Announced for Keenevention 2014: Rich Paul

rich_paulRich Paul is the creator of the historic 420 celebrations in Keene who also spent most of 2013 in a jail cell for heroically refusing to take the plea on multiple cannabis dealing charges. He’s out and will take the stage at Keenevention 2014 to tell his story and take your questions!

Get your tickets for the earlybird price now for just $40 USD or Bitcoin!

Rich is the first speaker announcement of many to come, including our returning and brand new panel discussion topics and the various guest speakers (all NH-based activists) who will populate them. Stay tuned here to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, or for the announcements. (If you’ve liked the Keenevention facebook page, have you hovered over the “liked” indicator and clicked “get notifications”? That will help ensure you see future posts.)


Bitcoin Ticket Sales Put Keenevention 2013 In-the-Black!

bitcoin_squareIt was my expectation that conventions in their first year very rarely bring in more money than they cost. The purpose of Keenevention is not to make money, but to give people a reason to come visit New Hampshire in the fall and while here, meet key in-state activists, discuss various types of activism, and experience the Keene area and the activism here. I really didn’t care if it covered its costs.

After running the numbers, it turns out had we only accepted cash and credit cards for our tickets, the event would have been in-the-red by a few hundred USD. However, because we accepted bitcoins, the event brought in more than it cost! We only had five bitcoin ticket sales, but four of the five were earlier in 2013, before the insane price spike toward the end of 2013.

We’re just over half a year away from Keenevention 2014, and who knows what the price of bitcoin will do by then. The price is down a bit at the moment, so grab your ticket(s) to Keenevention 2014 now!


Video of Closing Keynote Speaker, Former Corrections Officer Bryan Tann

Bryan Tann is a former corrections officer at the Cheshire County “House of Corrections” aka the Keene Spiritual Retreat. Hear his story in this great closing keynote speech from Keenevention 2013!

This is the final video from Keenevention 2013! All of the panels and speeches have now been posted in full! If you missed a video, just scroll back in this list of video posts. Thank you for watching and sharing your favorite panels and speeches with your friends! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, the Free Keene youtube, or for the latest on Keenevention 2014!


Video of the Bitcoin Panel @ Keenevention 2013

Join a panel of Bitcoin experts to discuss the technology and how Bitcoin is helping business and liberty activism. Presented by the host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Stephanie Murphy. Panelists to include‘s George Mandrik, Neocash Radio host JJ Schlessinger, and Matthew Carano – the owner of Bitcoin-accepting brick-and-mortar business The Pao Cafe.

This is the final panel discussion from Keenevention 2013! Next weekend the closing speaker video will be published and that will put the entirety of the stage portion of Keenevention online for all to view. Thank you for watching and sharing your favorite panels and speeches with your friends! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, the Free Keene youtube, or for the final video.


Video of the Technology Panel @ Keenevention 2013

How is technology helping the NH liberty movement advance and how can it help you be more free? Presented by the host of Sovryn Tech, Brian Sovryn. Panelists included Steve Zemanek, Jay Freeville, and Bill Domenico. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to watch the remainder the panels and speakers from Keenevention […]


Video of the Peace Roundtable @ Keenevention 2013

The Peace Roundtable was the most well-attended and controversial event at Keenevention 2013. It ran overtime by nearly a half-hour! Is peace attainable through violence or is peace the only way? Does self-defense against aggressive state agents just make matters worse for future activists? These questions and many from the audience were discussed at the […]


Video of the Old School NH Panel @ Keenevention 2013

It’s the “Old School NH” panel from Keenevention 2013! Join Free Talk Live‘s Jonny Ray and his panel of old-school Free State Project movers and NH natives as they reflect on that which has paved the way for what is next. Panelists included NH natives Nemi Jones, Lorri Rodier, and Kate Ager as well as […]


JJ’s Epic Keynote Speech @ Keenevention 2013

JJ Schlessinger brought the house down with this epic and inspirational keynote speech at Keenevention 2013. He discusses his path to the Free State Project, his experience in Keene, Manchester, and encourages you to get active for liberty! Over the next several weeks you’ll be able to watch all the panels and speakers from Keenevention […]


Video of the Direct Action Panel @ Keenevention 2013

How are activists getting out in the streets and getting liberty ideas into the hands and minds of the public? What lessons have been learned along the way that can help YOU be a better liberty activist? Join James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland and his panel of experienced activists including CopBlock Radio’s Eric Freerock, and Robin […]


Announcing Keenevention 2014!

Happy new year! The first Keenevention was so much fun, we had to do it again for 2014! Join liberty activists in Keene at the Best Western from Friday, October 31st through Sunday, November 2nd for this intimate, activism-focused convention. Pre-event ticket sales are limited to only 100 tickets, so lock yours in now for […]


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