Video of the Ladies Panel @ Keenevention 2014

Join Lauren Rumpler, aka “Objectivist Girl” for the Keenevention 2014 Ladies Panel! Her selected ladies from the Shire include Cop Block‘s Kate Ager, the KAC’s Renee Kate, and ALP’s Ali Havens. Here’s the full panel video:

More video will be released every week! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, Free Keene, the Free Keene Youtube Channel or the Keenevention Facebook page for the next video release.


Media Coverage of Keenevention 2014: Sentinel, Union Leader

James Cleaveland's Keynote @ Keenevention 2014

James Cleaveland

At this year’s Keenevention, the media were in attendance in the form of Martha Shanahan of the Keene Sentinel and Meghan Pierce of the Union Leader. Here’s the Sentinel feature sotry which appeared on the front page, below-the-fold, with photo. Also, don’t miss this excellent profile on Keenevention’s keynote speaker James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland from the Union Leader.

Here’s the text of the Union Leader piece: Continue Reading →


Video of the Legislative Panel @ Keenevention 2014

It’s been a week since Keenevention 2014 and that means it’s time to begin releasing the full video coverage from the event! (If you’re impatient, you can watch all of 2013 here.) We’ll go in chronological order, so first up is the Legislative Panel featuring Mark Warden, the two-time liberty “Legislator of the Year” (as awarded by the NH Liberty Alliance)!  Mark’s panelists included activist-of-the-year Keith Carlsen and the political director of the NH Liberty Alliance, Kevin Bloom! The informative panel covered how to be effective in New Hampshire’s amazingly accessible legislature, whether you are an elected state rep or just someone who wants to have an impact:

More video will be released every week! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, Free Keene, the Free Keene Youtube Channel or the Keenevention Facebook page for the next video release!


Day 3 & Final Recap

Rich Paul, Carla Gericke, and James Cleaveland - Keenevention 2014's Keynote Speakers

Rich Paul, Carla Gericke, and James Cleaveland – Keenevention 2014’s Keynote Speakers

The final day of Keenevention 2014 featured a keynote from heroic civil disobedience and juror rights activist Rich Paul, panels covering Secession, Direct Action, Bitcoin, and Technology. That evening, dozens attended the longest-running social event for liberty folk in the Shire, “Social Sundays”.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out with the event – you made this a success! Interestingly, we had more pre-event tickets sold this year than last, but fewer walk-ins resulted in a smaller overall turnout. Multiple people had informed us that the weekend prior to the election was a tough time to have the event, due to last-minute political campaigning. So, that was likely a big factor as to why the event was a little smaller in attendance compared to 2013. Nonetheless, a great time was had, with attendees already posting accolades on Facebook.  Here’s what the Outlaw Josie Wales had to say about Keenevention 2014:

“Words can’t even begin to describe this weekend, but I’ll try. Crazy, hilarious, educational, fun, deep, awe-inspiring….and completely unforgettable. So happy to see people I already know and love, and get to know even more amazingly wonderful human beings. I really didn’t know what to expect coming into this, but I’m insanely glad I could be a part of it. I have been so profoundly affected by the experiences of these men and women who have put themselves on the front lines, some of them risking their lives to help, educate, and protect innocent people from becoming victims of state brutality. The panels blew my mind, the parties reminded me that it’s okay to have fun once in a while, and the speeches inspired me to be better. Thanks to everyone who made Keenevention such an awesome experience.”

Plus, the media attended this year in the form of the Keene Sentinel and Union Leader. Stay tuned to the Keenevention or Free Keene blogs for the news coverage. Also coming soon to those blogs, just like last year, FULL video coverage of every panel and speaker at Keenevention. If you couldn’t make it in-person, the videos are the next best thing. The first video will be out this week, of the Legislative Panel. Meanwhile, follow Keenevention on facebook and please like the new HALLOWKEENE facebook page.

Social Sundays, Post-Keenevention 2014

Social Sundays, Post-Keenevention 2014


Day Two Recap


The First-Ever HALLOWKEENE Costume Dance Party

Saturday at Keenevention began bright-and-early at Keene Cinemas with a movie premiere event, saw more attendees throughout the day and had an amazing costume dance party at night, HALLOWKEENE. Daylight discussions included the informative Filmmakers, Media, and Charity panels and James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland gave a moving keynote speech and received a standing ovation!

Dozens were in attendance for HALLOWKEENE and awards for best costume were given. The party was great, the lasers by Bill D. were amazing, and the costumes were excellent. Big thanks to Derrick J, Danica, Renee, and Johnson for putting it together!

I write this as the Secession panel kicks off Sunday’s full and final day of events. Come on out!

James "Robin Hood" Cleaveland delivers a moving keynote at Keenevention 2014.

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland delivers a moving keynote at Keenevention 2014.


Day One Recap

FSP President Carla Gericke Delivers Friday Keynote at Keenevention 2014

FSP President Carla Gericke Delivers Friday Keynote at Keenevention 2014

Friday was a success at Keenevention 2014!  Dozens were in attendance and enjoyed excellent and informative panels including the Legislative, Ladies, Cop Block, and New Movers panels.  Mid-day, several visitors left the hotel to join Robin Hood of Keene and save people from getting parking tickets.  Apparently the parking enforcer quit for the day within 20 minutes of the activists’ arrival in downtown Keene!

Later, Free State Project president Carla Gericke delivered a keynote speech followed by a VIP dinner and a Bonfire Social that attracted about 50 people!  Plus, several people hit the streets late-night with Keene Cop Block!

As I write this, early-risers are at Keene Cinemas for the theatrical premiere of the Film Fest Edition of Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree and a special preview of the upcoming documentary, 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire.  More great panels are scheduled for today as well as a VIP lunch, more Robin Hooding, and the first-ever HALLOWKEENE Costume Dance Party benefiting Ross Ulbricht.

Daily admission is just $30 – it’s not too late for you to come out and join the fun!


Beautiful Weekend for Keenevention!


Fall Colors Not Gone Yet!

Keenevention takes place mid-fall, past peak “leaf-peeping” season.  As nice as it would be to hold this event during the peak of the fall colors, that would drastically increase the price of the event.  Hotel rooms cost three times as much and booking the banquet hall would be very difficult due to all the weddings that happen during the fall colors.  We’ve held Keenevention on the very first week where the hotel room prices fall below $80 a night, because keeping the event affordable is very important.  I want everyone to be able to attend who wants to attend.

So, we don’t advertise the fall colors as a reason to come to Keenevention, because you just can’t predict when the peak will be.  That said, last year and this year we’ve had the privilege of having a decent amount of trees that are still in good shape.  Bright colors and full leaves are still present across Keene, so enjoy!

Please follow the Keenevention facebook for photos of the panels thus far!


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